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X-Sense Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

In our vigilant pursuit of home safety, we’ve recently put the X-Sense Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo through its paces. This 3-pack offers interconnected alarms, each sporting a decade-long battery life, providing a hassle-free approach to household protection.

Interlinking up to 24 units creates a robust safety network; when one alarm detects danger, all respond in unison. The combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detection in one device simplifies safety solutions for every home corner. Plus, their construction from upgraded, heat-resistant PC material assures both durability and reliability.

Bottom Line

The X-Sense Detector Combo brings a strong sense of security and peace of mind. It strikes a balance between innovative safety features and practicality with its 10-year sealed battery.

For everyone interested in enhancing their home’s defense against fires and toxic gases, this product is an excellent investment.

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X-Sense Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo Overview

As we recently equipped our home with the X-Sense Combo, we’ve gained a heightened sense of security. This unit combines smoke and carbon monoxide detection into a single device, which is quite a space-saver and simplifies maintenance. The most impressive aspect is the wireless interconnectivity that links up to 24 detectors. When one detector triggers, they all sound the alarm, ensuring no corner of the house misses the alert.

The installation process was straightforward; the sensor bracket easily attached to the wall with the provided screws, though we noted that the pre-drilled holes might not line up with standard-sized boxes. Despite that, set-up was not a hassle and the detectors felt sturdy and well-built.

The material of the detectors is a premium, heat-resistant PC plastic that instills confidence in its durability. Beyond the build quality, the detector is powered by a 10-year sealed battery, which is a game-changer. It’s reassuring to know there’s no need for battery replacements for a decade.

However, our experience did not come without a minor inconvenience. We discerned that the interlinked system could complicate pinpointing the exact location of the detected threat, since all the alarms sound simultaneously. Nevertheless, this feature also means a unified response throughout the home, which we found outweighs the inconvenience.

In conclusion, from what we’ve observed, the X-Sense Detector offers robust protection with its 2-in-1 functionality, long battery life, and quality construction. It’s a reliable choice for comprehensive home safety.

Wireless Interconnected Alarm System

We’ve recently had the chance to interact with the X-Sense SC01-W, and the interconnected feature is what stands out the most. What it essentially means is if one alarm in the network detects smoke or carbon monoxide, the rest will kick in too. This interconnectedness creates a blanket of safety, ensuring that a warning is heard no matter where you are in your home.

We found that installing multiple units around the house was a breeze. The ease of installation is a major plus, especially for those who aren’t too handy with tools. Even when we placed an alarm at the far end of the house, the wireless signal had no issues reaching the others to create a seamless network.

Wireless Intercom by X-Sense

Now, it’s not all perfect – mounting can be tricky due to the spacing of the mounting holes. If you’re replacing an old alarm, you might find the holes don’t line up, requiring a bit of DIY work on your end. Despite this, once installed, the alarms are unobtrusive yet robust, thanks to the high-quality, heat-resistant materials.

The 10-year battery life offers peace of mind, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes. It’s reassuring knowing that this system will provide long-term protection with minimal maintenance.

While we haven’t experienced any false alarms, user feedback suggests the alarms perform reliably without frequent misfires, which is a crucial factor in avoiding unnecessary panic. Overall, this wireless alarm system integrates safety, simplicity, and reliability into a package that genuinely feels designed with the users’ peace of mind at its core.

10-Year Sealed Battery

In our experience with the X-Sense Combo Detector, one standout feature is the 10-year sealed battery. A decade-long battery life means not having to worry about frequent replacements, which is not only convenient but also cost-effective in the long run. Our tests showed that the device maintained consistent performance without the hassle of unexpected low battery warnings.

While we appreciate the longevity, we also recognize that the non-replaceable design means the entire unit will need to be replaced after ten years. This feature is a trade-off between long-term reliability and the future cost of replacement. It’s something to consider, especially if you’re planning for long-term safety solutions in your home.

The sealed battery also adds to the unit’s safety features, as there’s no risk of improper battery installation or the temptation to borrow batteries for other needs. This ensures that the detector remains operational 24/7, giving us peace of mind. Overall, X-Sense has delivered on their promise of a long-lasting and maintenance-free battery.

Full Home Protection

We’ve recently had the opportunity to use the X-Sense Combo Detector, and we want to highlight its role in offering complete home safety. A standout feature is the ability to interlink up to 24 Link+ alarms, ensuring that one alarm’s detection will trigger all units within the network, providing a robust warning system throughout your space. It’s like having a safety net that covers every corner of your home.

The 10-year battery life promises peace of mind, knowing that the detectors are always on guard without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. We appreciate knowing that we’re protected against both smoke and carbon monoxide with a single device. The premium, heat-resistant material adds an additional layer of reliability.

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However, we did notice that installation can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to mount the device to an existing wall box, as the pre-drilled holes may not align perfectly. But once installed, the interconnected system works seamlessly. Each detector’s alarm is loud and clear, cutting through any noise to alert of potential dangers. We believe these X-Sense detectors are a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their home safety.

Premium Material Design

Upon handling the X-Sense combo detectors, we immediately noticed the quality of its construction. The detectors are encased in a PC material that’s not only heat-resistant but also capable of withstanding high temperatures and resisting corrosion. This resilience is reassuring, considering the role of these detectors in ensuring household safety.

While the white exterior offers a clean, inconspicuous look that blends well with most decors, the real value lies in the device’s durability. It’s clear that the manufacturer has invested in materials that contribute to the longevity of the product, complementing its advertised 10-year battery life.

However, some users may encounter a minor hiccup during installation due to mounting hole placement. It’s worth noting that this isn’t a material flaw but rather a design consideration to be aware of. The robustness of the detector, paired with its straightforward manual, makes us confident in its ability to perform when it matters most.

Pros And Cons


After thoroughly testing the X-Sense detector combo, we’ve compiled quite a few positive points to note:

  • Interconnectivity: One standout feature is its wireless linking capability, which means if one detector goes off, they all do—providing a robust network of alarms throughout your home.
  • Long-Term Battery: The sealed 10-year battery offers peace of mind, eradicating the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Dual Protection: We appreciate that this device doesn’t just detect smoke—it’s also a guardian against carbon monoxide, doubling the safety with a single unit.
  • Quality Materials: The detectors are crafted from a high-quality PC material that withstands high temperatures, adding to their durability and reliability.

Installation Simplicity: Our experience reflects that of numerous users, showing an installation process that is straightforward and user-friendly, with all necessary hardware included.


However, even with the pros, there are a few drawbacks that we noted:

  • Mounting Limitations: Some users might find the pre-drilled holes for mounting are not in an ideal position or spacing for every unique home setup.
  • Toolkit Necessity: The installation, while simple, does require you to have the right tools. If you’re not already equipped with a drill and stud sensor, you might need to invest in or borrow them before installation.

In our experience with the X-Sense combo detectors, these inconsistencies in mounting flexibility and the need for tools can be slightly bothersome but do not take away from the overall effectiveness and reliability of the product.

Installation And Setup

Embarking on the installation of the X-Sense combo detectors, we found it to be rather straightforward. These devices come pre-packed with a 10-year lithium battery, eliminating the need for initial battery installation or frequent replacements. We valued how that translates into fewer maintenance hassles throughout the product’s lifespan.

Mounting the detectors is a breeze thanks to the clear instructions and included mounting bracket. We simply attached the bracket to the ceiling and twisted the detector into place. The real charm of these detectors, however, lies in their wireless interconnectivity. When we tested the interlinking feature, it only took a few minutes to sync up multiple units, ensuring that an alert from one detector would trigger all connected alarms. This interconnectedness provides peace of mind, as it ensures that no matter where in the home an issue is detected, all areas are promptly alerted.

While the setup process was mostly hassle-free, it’s worth noting that ensuring a stable wireless connection between devices is crucial. In large homes, it might take some experimentation with placement to optimize signal strength across all alarms. But once they’re up and running, the detectors’ reliability and the seamless network they form are commendable.

Customer Reviews

Our community of users has voiced their experiences with the X-Sense combo detectors, and it’s mostly a wave of positive feedback. They appreciate the simple installation process, highlighting that the alarm activates as soon as it’s twisted onto the mounted base. For many, the allure lies in the 10-year battery life and the fact that it’s recommended by fire safety professionals.

While installing these devices is generally straightforward, some users noted that the mounting holes on the sensor bracket might not align with existing standard wall boxes. This can be a hiccup, requiring a bit of DIY adaptability. It’s recommended to be equipped with the right tools, like a drill and a stud sensor, when installing into materials like plaster ceilings.

We found that the product seems robust and the manual provides clear instructions. However, a common critique refers to the limited mounting holes, which can make it tricky to align with previous alarm fittings.

Users have installed the X-Sense detectors across various key locations in their homes, from bedrooms to basements, attesting to the ease of setup. What’s particularly reassuring is the interconnected feature—if one detector senses danger, all alarms in the network will go off, which is a critical safety feature.


We’ve personally experienced the dependability and ease of installation of the X-Sense combo detectors. After mounting them in several strategic locations throughout our home, the peace of mind was immediate. The 10-year battery life spares us the hassle of frequent replacements, and the wireless interconnectivity ensures that an alarm from one unit is an alarm for all, heightening the safety net for our entire living space.

However, the mounting holes may not align with pre-existing fixtures, which can be a minor setback during installation. But, with the included hardware and a solid instruction manual, we managed to install them without much trouble. Although the three-pack model’s price point is reasonable, it’s worth considering for the dual smoke and carbon monoxide detection capabilities it provides. Overall, our evaluation of the X-Sense detectors is positive, as they offer a sense of security that’s hard to overlook.