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A man preparing survival food over a fire on a beach


Best Tasting Survival Food

When it comes to surviving in an emergency, luxuries aren’t something that is typically prioritized. If you’re surviving out in the woods, chances are you won’t be whipping up your favorite recipes. Instead, you will be using whatever you can get your hands on. That doesn’t mean that survival food can’t be tasty, however, and...

Dec 29, 2022
Lessons we learned from the Texas power outages


3 Takeaways for Disaster Preparedness from the Texas Power Outages

Texas suffered massive power outages in February as a result of a winter storm. Here are the disaster preparedness lessons we learned from it.

Nov 4, 2021


5 Items to Include in Your Car Emergency Kit

Looking to create an emergency kit for your car? Find out what essentials you need to include in your kit in this thorough guide.

Jun 18, 2021