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In a world that feels increasingly less secure, with many risks to consider and so many products to compare, protecting your family is more complicated than ever.

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Chief Family Officer

Greg Olsen

Greg is an Emmy-wining football broadcaster and former tight end. He was selected by the Chicago Bears with the 31st overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, then spent four seasons with the Bears before being traded to the Carolina Panthers in 2011. He played a crucial role in Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos and went on to become one of the most prolific tight ends in NFL history before wrapping up his playing career with the Seattle Seahawks. As a sportscaster, he became the third player in FOX Sports’ history to serve as a game analyst and today is a full-time broadcaster for FOX Sports. At home, he is a husband and father of three children and is focused on finding ways to keep his family safe, whether at home or on the road.

Kurt Sanger

Cybersecurity Expert

Kurt is the Founder and Director of Integrated Cybersecurity Partners, LLC, an information technology and national security consultancy, and serves as a cybersecurity board member and advisor for Cowbell Cyber Insurance. In 2022, he retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 23 years of service as a cyber operations and criminal defense counsel and prosecutor. Kurt’s experience includes solving unprecedented, complex, high-stakes cyber problems under demanding circumstances. He holds a degree in National Security Law from Georgetown University. As a board member and advisor to Batten, Kurt is passionate about helping to support the company’s mission to help families protect themselves from the evolving digital threats that consumers face.

Kirk MacDowell

Home Security Expert

Kirk is the Founder and CEO of MacGuard Security Advisors, a group that offers executives guidance on how to innovate, transform and compete in today’s ever-changing electronic security landscape. He also serves as an executive and board member for various security associations. He is a 42-year security industry veteran who brings insight from his time at industry innovator Alarm.com, top Fortune 100 manufacturers General Electric and United Technologies, as well as experience from serving as a law enforcement officer for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Kirk brings a keen instinct for identifying emerging trends and guiding on new security-focused products for both businesses and individuals.

Eddie Penney

Emergency Prep Expert

Eddie is the CEO of Contingent Group, a company focused on risk mitigation through customized security techniques and protocols. He served the United States for 20 years as a Marine and then a Navy SEAL and was selected for DEVGRU, the elite of the elite and the tip of the nation’s spear in the fight against terrorist threats worldwide. His extensive operational experience includes medical evacuations, security advances, executive protection, and surveillance. After holding one of the most dangerous jobs imaginable, Eddie brings invaluable perspective and firsthand experience for emergency preparedness and personal safety to any situation.

Our Story

Batten Safe

During the September 11 attacks, Patrick Robinson (“Captain Pat”) drove home from New York, determined to do whatever possible to protect his family in the future.

As natural disasters, cyber attacks, and environmental challenges became more commonplace — Captain Pat saw that people needed a one-stop place to protect their families from life’s most pressing threats. And so Batten was born, alongside it the vision for 3D security, to cover you and your loved ones online, at home, and in an emergency — which we call Family Security.

Our team and experts have experienced these threats firsthand and are here to guide you towards confident purchases that prepare you and your family for what you can’t predict.

Our Mission

Batten exists to help you make choices to protect yourself and your loved ones, so you can be confident knowing you’re secure online, safe at home, and prepared for life’s emergencies.

We aim to simplify the overwhelming amount of information and products on the market to be a one-stop solution for personalized recommendations — regardless of your situation, phase of life, or budget.


When we help you find the right products, we may receive an affiliate commission when you purchase. No other payments or sponsorships to promote or suggest a specific product or solution.

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Our Commitment to You

Our industry experts are editorially independent and objective — we share the products we’d choose for ourselves and our families.

We also seek to find the best pricing for you — and when possible, provide unique discounts available exclusively through Batten.

Cyber, home security, and emergency preparation aren’t three different categories, but rather dimensions of a universal need — we call it “3D security” or simply, Family Security.

Patrick Robinson

Batten Founder & CEO
Leadership Team
A black-and-white portrait of a man with short, neatly combed hair, wearing glasses, a suit jacket, a dress shirt, and a striped tie. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera, with a neutral background.
Patrick Robinson

CEO & Founder

  • Patrick (AKA Captain Pat) has a long career as a leader in real estate and finance in NYC. After graduating from Washington & Lee University, he served as a captain in the US Army. He has always taken a proactive approach to keep his family safe, which sparked his passion for creating Batten. His personal approach to security is a testament to what we should all strive for–no door is unprotected, his computer is like Fort Knox, and he has enough disaster prep tools to handle anything.

A grayscale photo of a man with short hair, wearing a suit and a white dress shirt. He is smiling and positioned outdoors with trees and other blurred background elements. The overall atmosphere suggests a pleasant day.
Jake Johnson

COO & Co-Founder

  • Jake spent the first 10+ years of his career in strategy consulting and M&A, helping Fortune 500 companies solve some of their biggest challenges. An entrepreneur at his core, Jake studied Entrepreneurship and Finance at Gonzaga University. He is passionate about building brands that solve consumers' biggest challenges. Bringing cybersecurity products to consumers at Batten has really put him in the consumer’s shoes–he has eliminated 3 pages of written passwords by using a password manager!

A bald man in a suit and white shirt stands in a dimly lit, elegant room with wooden paneling and arched windows. He has a slight smile and a white pocket square visible in his blazer. The background features ornate decor and framed pictures.
Bob Newman

Senior Executive Advisor

  • Bob retired from the United States military as an elite Navy SEAL. His military career took him all over the world before he retired as a Command Master Chief. Serving as a Seal taught Bob the importance of being prepared for the unexpected and that the right tools can make all the difference in tough situations. Bob brings invaluable perspective and firsthand experience on what families need to be safe.

A black and white illustration of a Saint Bernard dog standing. The dog has a large barrel around its neck and a cross symbol on the barrel. The background is solid green.

Chief Protection Pup

  • Hatches is your symbolic guardian St. Bernard, protecting your home and family from any riffraff. While soft and lovable, she is also fiercely protective and loyal to her families. Pointed, responsible, and proactive, she represents what Batten stands for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Batten vet products?

    Our industry experts and internal team all vet the product and solutions we recommend. Our main criteria points we heavily weigh are:

    1. Ease-of-use
    2. Quality and utility
    3. Price value
  • How does Batten make money?

    When you purchase a product or solution via a link on the Batten website, we may earn small commission on that purchase. If you choose to click on the link provided to buy insurance, Batten may receive compensation relating to product visibility. Batten is not a licensed insurance agent and does not receive compensation or commission from the sale of insurance. For questions related to whether this insurance is right for you, please contact Blink by Chubb.

  • Where do I purchase recommended products?

    When hitting a product card link, you will be re-directed to that Vendor’s website, where you will be able to complete the purchase of your desired solutions.