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Technology can be our best friend or worst enemy, but it is a part of our daily life and we must use it responsibly. Our experts selected a few products they deemed essential. ie, everyone should be using them. This includes a password manager and a VPN, or an all-in-one solution if you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to enhance your digital security. Of the all-on-one type solutions on the market, Aura is the winner across the board for ease-of-use, intuitive dashboard management, and trusted technical protocols.

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Additional Details:

Monitoring: Proactively monitors your registered financial, credit, and personal information to alert you of any exposures. 

Antivirus: Protects your devices from malware such as viruses, ransomware, and spyware which may infect your devices and steal your information. 

Password Manager: Sets and stores complex passwords for all your online accounts with a password manager that easily integrates to your internet browser of choice.

VPN: Hides your IP address on local networks so that your internet activity is private and secure while using public WiFi connections.

“Aura’s offerings to the consumer could change much of the way consumers view security on the internet and the way we do security on the internet in unique ways.”

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1Password helps your family practice smart online security by generating strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts. Personal vaults let everyone keep their own private passwords and documents, all managed under a single subscription

  • Use 1Password on as many devices as you own
  • Notifications alerting of weak or duplicate passwords use
  • Securely store credit and debit cards, online banking information, and PayPal logins so you can fill them in from any device

“1 password is easy to use, has loads of unique features and the price point won’t break the bank. It’s is an excellent choice for both personal use and small businesses who want to ensure their team members can securely access sensitive information.”

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Additional Details:

  • Trusted by our experts, and the VPN of choice by Batten’s internal team
  • An easy-going product experience and fair price point for the value
  • The browser extension keeps an exceptionally quiet presence
  • Very honest use-case descriptions on Nord website

“NordVPN brings its A-game with security too. They have a strict “No-Logs” rule that promises not to collect, keep or share your data, as well as masking your IP address, multi-factor authentication, buffering-free live-streaming, and layers upon layers of included protection.”