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Batten’s industry experts recommend products to keep you safe online, at home, and in an emergency

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Greg Olsen shares our team’s mission to make it fast, easy and affordable for you to keep your family safe & secure.

Meet the Batten Industry Experts
Kurt Sanger

Cybersecurity Expert

20+ year Marine & U.S. Cyber Command

Meet Kurt
Kirk MacDowell

Home Security Expert

40+ year security industry veteran

Meet Kirk
Eddie Penney

Emergency Prep Expert

20+ year retired Navy SEAL

Meet Eddie
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Commitment to our Community

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Companies we feature and review may compensate us, but it does not impact our industry Expert’s recommendations and guidance.

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We strive to get customers the lowest price on the market and in many cases, we provide discounts through our partners.

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Batten is a military-led, mission-driven organization; part of that is giving back. We are partnering with the Honor Foundation this year and supporting them in a meaningful way.

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The Batten Difference

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Batten Industry Experts

Our expert team is comprised of retired Navy SEALs, U.S. Cyber Command, and security industry executives. They do the testing and research so that you can make an confident purchase decision.

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Three Dimensional Approach

Keeping your family safe online, at home, or in an emergency is all part of the same job, so we’ve bundled everything our customers need to prepare today for peace of mind tomorrow.

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Personalized Recommendations

Tailored offerings of only best-in-class products at multiple price points make the selection process fast and easy so you can enjoy a stress-free decision process.