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Young children can pose a big risk to your family’s digital security, as well as to their own. They can unknowingly download viruses and ransomware to your devices. They can share your credit card information across the web, and they can stumble onto websites not appropriate for someone their age. Thus, it’s prudent to be proactive in protecting not only your child but also yourself from digital risks.

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“ Qustodio, an impressive parental control utility, boasts just about every feature you might want, including web content filtering, robust app blocking, and a detailed activity log.”

Additional Details:

Not only does Qustodio prevent your kids from online risks but it also includes a suite of family protection tools that are easy to manage:

  • Call and text tracking
  • Family Locator
  • Smartphone panic button
  • Real-time activity monitoring
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Additional Details:

Identity Guard(R), a rounded identity and financial monitoring service offering for you and your entire family, helps keep your children’s identities off the dark web and away from abuse

  • Credit & debit card monitoring
  • Monthly credit score*
  • 3-bureau credit change notifications
  • $1mm identity theft insurance**
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Additional Details:

  • $1mm identity theft coverage for lost funds and expenses related to restoring your identity
  • VPN includes 5 licenses
  • Includes a digital file shredder to securely dispose of sensitive files
  • Does not include a family monitoring solution
  • Auto-renewal billing expands feature set and license limits