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Since you travel a lot, its key that you protect your computer from hackers by using a VPN. We suggest ExpressVPN for you since customers have found it very intuitive, which is good since you aren’t that technology confident.

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Additional Details:

Monitoring: Proactively monitors your registered financial, credit, and personal information to alert you of any exposures. 

Antivirus: Protects your devices from malware such as viruses, ransomware, and spyware which may infect your devices and steal your information. 

Password Manager: Sets and stores complex passwords for all your online accounts with a password manager that easily integrates to your internet browser of choice.

VPN: Hides your IP address on local networks so that your internet activity is private and secure while using public WiFi connections.

“Aura’s offerings to the consumer could change much of the way consumers view security on the internet and the way we do security on the internet in unique ways.”

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What They Will Provide You:

  • A white-glove service with a dedicated specialist
  • Privatized emails
  • Protected devices
  • Secure networks
  • Private browsing

“Total digital security, an innovator in cybersecurity services, has been shortlisted for the Family Wealth Report Award for “Best Cyber Security Provider for the Family Office.”