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Arlo vs Blink: The Best Home Security System for You

Arlo cameras vs Blink cameras: which company do you think offers the best home security system? We are going to do an analysis of two of the best companies out there, read this so that you can know their differences as it will help you in making an informed decision.

A Quick Summary

There are a lot of companies that provide home-based security systems, we are however going to compare two of the best companies Arlo and Blink based on their security devices. We will leave it up to you to decide on the company that will offer the best services to you.

We have to agree that it is very important to install security devices to monitor your home. Security devices play different roles depending on the device. They make it possible to monitor whatever is going on in your home remotely.

Arlo is an old player when it comes to providing home security systems; Blink on the other hand is a new player. Blink established its company in 2016 and became famous due to its affordable security solutions. Arlo, however, is well known as it provides feature-packed home security equipment.

After several days of testing, I am going to tell which system is between Arlo and Blink is solid if you are looking for casual monitoring, rather than a serious security system

1. Arlo vs Blink – Monitoring

Arlo Pro security cameras are designed in a way that they use your Wi-Fi to successfully connect to your system. There is the Arlo Go which you can easily connect via your cellular service provider. Arlo Pro also has the SmartThings hub which can be paired to the system for purposes of partial home security automation. When you download their mobile app, you can be able to monitor your home security system each time you feel like it.

The monitoring systems from Blink also require a Wi-Fi connection to function effectively. These systems alert you in case any of the motion sensors are triggered, this is only after you have downloaded and installed their app. Also, it gives you the option of notifying the authorities if you feel that there is a need to.

Both home security systems have infrared night vision LEDs, the infrared LED is undetectable by the naked human eye. The only difference is that Arlo Ultra cameras have color night vision instead of black and white images. You can set activity zones in both camera systems, this allows cameras to focus only on the hotspot areas, and it limits the chances of a false alarm.

Arlo home security system is excellent when it comes to automatic tracking, it can zoom, focus, and track any detected moving object. A siren can also be activated remotely through the mobile app.

2. Arlo vs Blink – Models & Equipment

With regards to equipment, we compared the outdoor cameras that are associated with each company and discovered their advantages and limitations.

Arlo uses the Ultra security camera system model that has 4K video recording capabilities. It delivers full HD images with a full 180 – degree field of view. This camera also consists of an auto-correction feature that can minimize the fisheye effect which is very common in most home security cameras.

Arlo Ultra has very sensitive motion detectors, any moving object is auto-focused, zoomed and tracked, for real-time monitoring. Arlo Ultra also has a built-in spotlight that is designed to deter intruders. The outdoor cameras have color night vision capabilities that use invisible infrared LEDs. Lastly, it possesses a two-way audio detection system with noise and wind cancellation.

The Arlo Ultra however has two main limitations; first, it requires monthly subscriptions to allow you to unlock all its features. Secondly, some users have complained that it occasionally has some syncing problems.

Blink upgraded their outdoor camera from their initial Blink XT camera to their Blink XT2 outdoor camera. The Blink XT2 supports two-way audio and it also has very impressive battery life. The battery can last up to 24 months when used under normal circumstances.

The Blink XT2 security camera is also incredibly light and weighs approximately 4 oz. It holds free cloud storage that stores up to 120 minutes of footage, once full new motion footage replaces the old footage. It does not need any monthly subscriptions, and it is quite easy to set up.

Its main limitations lie in its minimal cloud storage space and its limited, 60 second footage recording capabilities.

3. Arlo vs Blink – Features

Arlo Ultra is an 89 by 52 by 78 mm outdoor security camera, it has a shiny and black exterior, a single kit is made of 1-4 cameras that are very light. Blink XT2 is a 71 by 71 by 34 mm square security camera, it is however heavier than Arlo ultra.

Arlo Ultra uses a 4K UHD video resolution system while the Blink XT2 uses the standard 1080p video resolution system. Arlo Ultra cameras also have a wider angle of view at 180 degrees while Blink XT2 has a 110-degree viewing angle.

Both Arlo and Blink home security systems are waterproof, this means that they can be used for indoors and outdoors purposes.

Arlo Ultra and Blink XT2 have the most basic DIY installation security cameras that are available in the market. They are wireless and can either be placed on the surface or mounted on the wall. It will only take you 30 minutes or less to complete the whole set-up.

Arlo Ultra and Blink XT2 both offer free cloud storage, the difference however comes in terms of their capacities. The capacity provided by Blink XT2 is 120 minutes, Arlo ultra on the other hand offers a week’s worth of storage space.

The storage capacity in Arlo Ultra can be upgraded to 1 month when you purchase the Arlo Smart Home plan. Arlo Ultra also supports local storage of up to 32GB SD card; Blink XT2 however does not support local storage. 

A long battery life powers Blink XT2 which helps it last up to two years. Arlo ultra, on the other hand, gets its power from a single rechargeable battery, that comes with a magnetic charging cable.

The video streaming services for Arlo ultra and Blink XT2 are quite decent. In both smart home security systems, you can be able to stream on-demand footage straight to your phone or tablet. However, unlike Blink XT2, you can be able to record and share live streams from your smartphones.

Can Blink Cameras be Hacked?

Unfortunately, like most technology operating off of a wireless connection, Blink cameras are potentially vulnerable to hacking. However, Amazon frequently releases firmware updates in order to keep the systems as secure as possible. Thankfully, there have not been any recent documented cases of the Blink security systems being hacked.

4. Arlo vs Blink – Pricing

Arlo does not have any contracts or service agreements, their prices range from 200 USD to 400 USD, this depends on where you are making the purchases. Also, Arlo allows you to purchase additional cameras at an estimated price of 200USD per camera. The hub that comes with the system has the ability to support numerous cameras; this makes it easier to monitor almost every corner of your home or property. Their camera options include the baby monitors, Arlo Go, Arlo Pro, Arlo Q, and their newest version Arlo ultra.

Like Arlo, blink does not have any contracts or service agreements, Blink offers the basic Blink camera, the Blink XT, and the Blink XT2, and they all have in-built motion sensors. Blink devices are all wireless and their initial cameras record up to a maximum of a minute at every time, the Blink XT2 however has the capabilities of recording up to 120 minutes at a time. Their cameras cost less than 100 USD per camera. The hub can accommodate a total of 10 cameras.

5. Arlo vs Blink – Installation & Usability

Arlo and Blink home security packages come with everything that you will require to accomplish the installation process. Each company provides detailed instructions, however, the Blink system might be more difficult to install than the Arlo system.

6. Arlo vs Blink – Customer Service

Both companies have excellent customer support services; they provide contact details for you to contact them in case you have problems with their systems.

Who Are Arlo Security Systems Best For?

Arlo’s sophisticated security systems assist in monitoring your home or properties. These can effectively help in monitoring movements in big organizations that need 24 hrs surveillance systems. This is because of their storage capacity and 4K UHD video quality. Their hub also supports an unlimited number of security cameras; this means you can be able to view almost every location within the property.

Who Are Blink Security Systems Best For?

Blink security systems are best for basic surveillance because of its limited memory storage capacity and its hub only supports a total of 10 home security cameras. It will be difficult to monitor every location in case you have a big property to manage.

Conclusion: Are Blink Cameras or Arlo Cameras Worth It?

I believe that Arlo is one of the best security systems as it provides cameras with a wide viewer range and great video quality. It also offers a 2-way audio communication system and excellent night vision. Arlo, therefore, reigns supreme when you compare the two security systems in terms of services offered. You can however go for camera Blink if you are looking for a cheap and basic system.