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November 29th, 2022

4 Ways to Improve Your Home Security in 2023

If your New Year’s resolution is to protect your home and family, Batten has 5 ways to improve your home security in 2022.
November 29th, 2022

Ring 2 vs Ring Pro | Which Is Best for You?

Ring stands out among the key industry players when it comes to home video doorbells. The leading manufacturer offers a wide range of home security solutions to provide insight into…
November 21st, 2022

Give the Gift of Security This Season With Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The best gifts are the ones given with care and attention to the wants and needs of the receiver. Show your friends, family, and all your loved ones how much…
November 21st, 2022

How to Use Your Home Security System to Defend Your Home Against Cybercriminals

When hackers gain access to your home security network, they can easily access other smart home devices connected to the network. These cybersecurity threats are some of the reasons why…
November 17th, 2022

Why House Fires Are So Common During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a perfect storm for disaster. Between Christmas tree fires, new or infrequently used cooking equipment, candle fires, and an excessive amount of holiday lights, the risk…
November 10th, 2022

Pet Owner Safety Tips: Best Security Cameras for Cats

Cats are often independent creatures. That’s part of the appeal of choosing a feline companion over a canine one. However, just because Whiskers can be alone for the night as…
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Abode iota All-In-One Security Kit Review 2022

Since the beginning, the Abode iota All-in-One Security Kit has been one of our favorite home security systems. And for a good reason, too: It's one of the only home security systems on the market that offers three types of monitoring: self-monitoring, professional monitoring, and on-demand monitoring.

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Frontpoint Safehouse System Review 2022

The other home security system that we love over here at Batten is the Frontpoint Safehouse System. At just $99, the base cost of this system is relatively low for everything that comes in the bundle. However, users make up for it in the monthly monitoring fee—it’s about $50 per month, but you get your home professionally monitored.

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