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September 15th, 2023

Sol-Ark 15K Review

Having energy for your household that is not beholden to power companies and traditional means has become more and more common worldwide. Scheduled and unscheduled power outages brought on by…
September 12th, 2023

Best Tactical Pen With Flashlight

When you find a nifty gadget to carry around with you, it serves the dual purpose of being useful and also just fun. Many people have wondered what it would…
September 12th, 2023

Best Backcountry Phone Charger

We rely on our phones for so much in our daily lives. We use them to conduct work, research, and keep in touch with friends and family around the world.…
September 12th, 2023

Best LED Flood Lights for Backyard

There are a few reasons why you would want to have a flood light in your backyard. For general use, it’s nice to be able to illuminate your backyard area…
September 11th, 2023

Best Solar Battery Charger for RV

When it comes to powering our devices and appliances, it’s easy not to think about how convenient it is when everything is running smoothly. However, you certainly see how easy…
September 7th, 2023

Best Garage Door Open Sensor

When it comes to break-ins and home intrusions, you really don’t want it happening at all, and any part of your property that is broken into can turn into a…
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Schlage Encode Review

Home security is always important wherever you may live. Our homes should be a place where we can feel safe and at ease, but sometimes we can fall victim to thieves and intruders. Naturally, you...

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LaView Light Bulb Camera Review 

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home, but we all worry about potential threats to our safety and our property. Intruders and thieves get bolder and smarter every day, so it’s...

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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

Carbon monoxide (or CO) is a gas that can be produced by many sources in our homes. In small doses, it’s mostly harmless, but it can get lethal in larger amounts. What’s more, it’s odorless...

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Eufy Video Smart Lock Review

We have been relying on traditional locks and keys for centuries, and they have proven to be rather reliable. However, ‘smart’ gadgets have shown us that even the simplest tools we use every day can...

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Anker 778 Thunderbolt Docking Station Review

New devices seem to come out daily, and it can be easy to start getting overwhelmed. Before you know it, you can have a laptop, smartphone, tablet, handheld gaming device, smartwatch, and anything else you...

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S330 Eufycam Review

Home security is something that everyone has to take seriously, no matter how safe the area you live in may be! Invasions of our privacy are always a major violation, and when it happens it...

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Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Review

Doorbells used to be simple, merely a way to know when someone was at your door. They have become a lot more complicated in recent years, however. These days, they can often include cameras and...

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Arlo Pro 5 Review

A security system can be extremely effective in preventing crimes and in-home emergencies. Some are difficult to place, some must be charged regularly, and others necessitate a monthly charge. It may be difficult to find...

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SimpliSafe Indoor Camera Review

Protecting your possessions and property from theft or home invasions can be really difficult with how determined thieves are getting these days. It can feel like you need eyes not only on the back of...

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SimpliSafe Smoke Detector Review

The smell of smoke is something no house owner wants to wake up to or see gathering above their home on the way home from a night out. Fires can result in irreparable damage to...

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Abode Glass Break Sensor Review

Sensors are an important part of any security system when it comes to protecting your home. Abode alarms and security systems provide many options with advanced window monitoring devices that go beyond simple contact sensors...

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Kwikset SmartCode 914 Review

Smart locks are becoming an increasingly popular way to secure the home. One study reveals that the global smart door lock market size is seen to quadruple by 2027 from USD 1,172.5 million in 2019,...

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Kwikset Aura Review

With technological advancements, security has become more accessible. Suddenly, you can utilize smart locks for your doors. These have been designed to open automatically as you approach your door and close behind you. If this...

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Abode iota All-In-One Security Kit Review 2022

Since the beginning, the Abode iota All-in-One Security Kit has been one of our favorite home security systems. And for a good reason, too: It's one of the only home security systems on the market that offers three types of monitoring: self-monitoring, professional monitoring, and on-demand monitoring.

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Frontpoint Safehouse System Review 2022

The other home security system that we love over here at Batten is the Frontpoint Safehouse System. At just $99, the base cost of this system is relatively low for everything that comes in the bundle. However, users make up for it in the monthly monitoring fee—it’s about $50 per month, but you get your home professionally monitored.

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