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Kwikset Aura Review

With technological advancements, security has become more accessible. Suddenly, you can utilize smart locks for your doors. These have been designed to open automatically as you approach your door and close behind you. If this new advancement in smart locks has intrigued you, then let’s review the Kwikset Aura smart lock.

The Aura from Kwikset is the market’s cutting-edge and modern smart lock if you want to aim for quality with an affordable budget. There has been an increase in high-tech, Internet-enabled appliances for the household. This is mainly attributable to the decrease in price and the availability of such tools. Installing high-tech locks is a significant step to ensure your property is safe.

To keep your house safe in the digital world, you may want a high-tech lock to communicate with your phone. The Aura smart lock by Kwikset is compatible with various platforms and intelligent home systems, including Apple’s Home Kit, Google’s Assistant, Alexa, and more.

You and your loved ones will find this a no-brainer given the wide variety of available smart home gadgets that are compatible with it. What makes the Kwikset Aura smart lock stand out, and whether it is the best option for you, has been well explained in this article.

As we navigate the complexities of modern living, the role of comprehensive home security systems has never been more critical. Studies show that homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be targeted by burglars. This statistic highlights the urgent need for homeowners to adopt advanced monitoring and security technologies that can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a statistic in the growing trend of property crimes.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

About The Brand

The Kwikset Aura is a competitively priced smart lock that provides multiple methods of locking and unlocking your door. The lock can be operated in several ways, including with a standard key, the Bluetooth connection on your phone, or the illuminated keypad. This could be an excellent tool to keep your home safe when on vacation.

Although the Aura performs as advertised and is less expensive than other Kwikset models, such as the Halo Wi-Fi and the Halo Touch, it does lack some of the features that you get with most other smart locks, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, support for voice control, and interoperability with other smart home devices.


The following are features of the Kwikset Aura that you benefit from.

· Minimalistic Design

This smart lock has a minimalistic but elegant design. It has been designed sleek and cutting-edge, thanks to the incorporation of LED lighting. Additionally, they have made it customizable, with a few color options that let you pick the perfect one to complement your door and decor.

·  Cost-Effective Smart Lock

There are two Kwikset Aura smart lock types: Standard and Deluxe. The Standard model costs $209, while the Deluxe model costs $258. The device also includes a three-year guarantee covering most expenditures connected with ownership. It is less expensive than other smart locks on the market, such as the August Smart Lock Pro ($399) and Nest Secure ($279).

Kwikset’s latest innovation is its Smart Key Security system. If you want to beef up security, this lock picks and is bump-proof. Neither lock picking nor lock bumping will be a problem for your household.

In addition, the BHMA and UL have acknowledged the Kwikset Aura Smart Lock’s satisfactory performance in the event of a fire, as evidenced by the lock’s 20-minute fire rating.

Let’s Look at The Performance

To make your life easier, this lock has been designed to be operated from your smartphone, as it is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The door can be opened by pressing one of the lock’s four buttons. Additionally, it will also unlock itself as you approach, thanks to an internal light sensor that recognizes your presence.

Kwikset Aura Locks can be used in various settings: With an app, you can see if the door is locked or unlocked from a distance and open it from your phone. To unlock the door, use the four buttons on the exterior keypad. Instead of using your phone, you can use this intriguing function to enter a code.

If someone requires temporary entry to your home, you can provide them with a temporary “key” option. Furthermore, you can operate your smart lock through voice instructions from Amazon’s Alexa or using a different voice-activated device like Google Home.

Kwikset Aura Smart Lock’s Keypad

You will find a straightforward and intuitive keypad when you examine the button layout. Some additional Kwikset smart locks, like the Kwikset Smart Code 955 and the Kwikset Smart Code 913, use a similar design with different-shaped buttons.

If you need to use your key, there is a keyhole there for you to do so. The buttons are simple to press, and the device gives the impression of being very sturdy. As for the buttons’ numbers, we have asked around and gotten the consensus that they will not fade from wear. The keypad numbers will remain legible for a very long time.

When used at night, the backlight is bright enough to see. Pressing any key or the top lock button will turn on the backlight. In addition to locking your door, pressing the ultimate key illuminates the area around it. The Kwikset app is a quick and easy answer when opening your door.

If you are worried about weathering, rest easy knowing that the Kwikset Aura Smart Locks may be used in freezing and sweltering temperatures; however, you should consider using a battery that works well in extremely cold and hot temperatures.

In terms of overall quality, we found the Kwikset Aura Smart Lock and the Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad to be highly similar; nevertheless, the two locks’ keypad designs and operational mechanisms varied significantly.

Turbolock necessitates a thumb turn to unlock or lock, while the Kwikset Aura Smart Lock’s compact form takes up a little portion of your door and automatically opens when you input the correct password.

How To Install Kwikset Aura

Minimal setup is required, and this video should help. Because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, this gadget can function independently of a hub or any other peripherals. Installing and configuring the lock for usage can be done remotely by smartphone.

The app also lets you check the status of your locked/unlocked doors from your mobile device. This smart lock has a quick and easy setup process. This procedure consists of three stages:

  •   Assembling the lock.
  •   Setting it up with the app.
  •   Pairing it with your mobile device. The entire three-part process can be finished in under ten minutes. The Kwikset Aura smart lock has a straightforward setup process:

Kwikset Aura Programming

There are 250 user code memories in Kwikset Aura. Only the Kwikset application allows for the programming of these codes. Unfortunately, the keypad does not support programming, but adding and removing users is always more straightforward over the phone.

When programming, proximity to the lock is required. Bluetooth range is approximately 100 feet. Programming user codes for any purpose is possible. These are the programming options for the Kwikset aura lock.

  •   One-Time Code: This code can only be used once to get access; after that, it will no longer work. You will have 24 hours to use this code when you program and email it.
  •   Anytime Code: That is an infinite amount of usable code. The lock operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a passcode you might offer to people you can trust, including family members or close friends.
  •   Temporary Code: This code has a wide range of possible applications. This code can be provided to guests staying in short-term rentals, guests staying at Airbnb, home service providers, neighbors, gardeners, family members, and others on the dates you choose.
  •   Recurring Code: Not all electronic door locks use the repeating code. If you have regular visitors to your home on specific days of the week, you can save yourself the hassle of constantly handing them new keys by simply giving them the code once. In other words, until you manually remove it, the code you gave will keep running. You can choose the dates and times of operation by selecting the days.

How To Reset Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Keypad Smart Lock

All Halo, Aura, and Halo Touch smart locks can be reset to factory settings by following these steps. All lock settings, including handling, will be reset when the factory reset button is pressed, including any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections, user associations, access codes, and event logs.

Please remember that until the lock is completely removed from the house, all access codes and event history will remain viewable on the Kwikset app. If you have misplaced your phone or are having problems with a fresh installation, you can do so by doing a Factory Reset.

Before hitting that “Factory Reset” button, follow these steps: using the Kwikset app, removing the lock from home, and then using your phone’s Bluetooth settings to “Forget Device” the lock.

Reset Steps

  •   Take out the battery.
  •   While reinserting the battery pack, press and hold the program button; continue to hold the button for thirty seconds or until the lock beeps and the red status LED illuminates.
  •   Repeatedly press the program button. The LED will flash red and green, and automatic handling will commence.
  •   The latch will retract and extend to determine the door’s orientation. The LED will blink green if automatic handling is successful and red if not.

Instructions For Kwikset Aura Battery Replacement

Batteries are relatively straightforward to change. You may access the battery holder and replace the batteries by removing the interior unit’s back cover without removing any screws. You can replace the batteries in around one minute.

How Long Is the Kwikset Aura Battery Life?

The battery life of such smart locks is a particularly peculiar concern. Numerous factors affect battery life, making it impossible to estimate accurately. The batteries’ quality, the activated features, the frequency of use, the state of the door, and the weather all significantly impact the battery’s lifespan.

We recommend Duracell or Energizer AA batteries for these types of locks, as we have found them to be the most reliable. We did not have the opportunity to test the Kwikset Aura Smart Lock’s battery life, but we did perform calculations and tests.

We generally install all reviewed smart locks on our doors and determine their average battery life. We estimated three months for Kwikset Aura Smart Lock installation. This assessment is based on feedback from users. The lock should have a battery life of between 2.5 and 3 months under the worst conditions.

The app allows you to monitor your battery’s health. The Kwikset Aura features low battery indication to avoid unexpectedly low battery life. The battery has to be changed if the red light on the keypad flashes rapidly for three to four seconds, accompanied by a short beep.

The batteries should be changed as soon as possible, per our recommendation. Kwikset Aura has a shorter battery life than the Turbolock TL115 Smart Lock with Keypad, but this comparison is unfair because the Turbolock does not lock or unlock the door. It allows you to rotate your thumb, making it far more energy-efficient than Aura.

The Advantages of the Kwikset Aura

  •   It is a top-tier smart lock. The Aura is reasonably priced, offers top-notch support, and works with various gadgets.
  •   Compared with other smart locks, the Kwikset Aura is surprisingly affordable. The Kwikset Aura smart lock, which has many of the same features as more expensive models, can be purchased for around $180.
  •   The company prides itself on its top-notch, always-available customer service personnel. You will never have to worry about being locked out again because of this innovation.
  •   The gadget works with a wide variety of platforms and software. This smart lock may be operated from afar using your smartphone or linked to voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa for keyless entry. You may also automate your house without purchasing any more hardware because it is compatible with the Nest and Apple Home Kit.

A disadvantage of the Kwikset Aura

  •   The primary disadvantage of this smart lock is the price. The price tag is more than some competing locks, but it is well justified by the numerous benefits you will enjoy. This lock is ideal if you value convenience and ease of use in a smart home security solution.


Does Kwikset Aura Work with Alexa?

Yes! Alexa is compatible with the Kwikset Aura.

Can Kwikset Aura Be Rekeyed?

Yes! It can be rekeyed. Using their innovative Smart Key Rekey technology, Kwikset has made rekeying a breeze. To put it another way, a key made for a Kwikset KW1 Keyway lock will work in your smart lock. You can rekey a Kwikset lock with these easy-to-follow instructions.

  •   To begin, please take out the batteries and lock the deadbolt. Put any knobs or levers into the locked position. Lock your door, so it cannot be closed by the wind or anything else while you are outside.
  •   The Currently Used Key should be inserted. Completely insert the key you are using, then turn it 90 degrees to the right (kindly note that instructions are the same regardless of cylinder orientation)
  •   Gently put the Smart Key tool all the way and firmly into the Smart Key slot. It is usual to hear a click as the tool engages the lock. Smart Key Uninstaller Get rid of the present key.
  •   Finally, replace the Current Key with New One. The lock accepts keys compatible with the Kwikset KW1 keyway; insert the appropriate one. Examine the depth of the key’s insertion. The key’s edge contacted an indentation on the cylinder’s surface. You should turn the key 180 degrees in a clockwise direction without pulling or pushing it. To finish, gently pull the key to ensure it remains in this lock.

Is Kwikset Aura Wi-Fi Compatible?

It is not Wi-Fi compatible. The Aura lock is an all-in-one unit that may be used in place of your existing lock and hardware. Choices include Iron Black, Satin Nickel, and Venetian Bronze.  Both an interior and exterior escutcheon, a deadbolt latch and strike, two keys, a variety of mounting screws, and an instruction manual are included in the package.

It includes an inbuilt Bluetooth radio but no Wi-Fi radio and runs on four AA batteries. You will need to use another method to operate the lock from more than 100 feet away. The lock supports neither voice commands nor integration with other smart devices.

Does Kwikset Aura Keypad Light Up?

Yes, the keypad lights up. If you push the 1-touch locking button, the keypad will illuminate. Only the letter buttons should be used to avoid accidentally activating the keypad while trying to enter a number. Using the Kwikset app, ensure that the LED setting is activated. Activation of the Status LED is automatic.

Conclusion & Where To Buy

The Kwikset Aura smart lock is an awesome and universally compatible smart lock. You will not have to go out and buy a separate gadget compatible with the smart lock, simplifying the setup process. The Kwikset Aura is your excellent smart lock that will check all the boxes in terms of ease of use, setup, and functionality. You can purchase it on Amazon or your neighborhood hardware store. The Kwikset Aura, in general, is a highly recommended smart lock.