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Introducing Batten, a simpler way to purchase cyber, home and emergency security products

Introducing Batten, a simpler way to purchase cyber, home and emergency security products

At Batten, we help people protect their families at home, online and in emergencies. We build personalized solutions to guide confident security choices with actionable recommendations that empower you to make your home stronger, and your family safer.
Emergency Prep
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May 29th, 2023

Camping Survival Kit List

Going camping is a fun and rewarding activity thousands of people love to experience yearly. No matter where you go, it’s an opportunity to get closer to nature and experience a simpler way of living...
May 29th, 2023

Emergency Kit List For Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are devastating occurrences that you most certainly never want to get caught up in. if you do find yourself in the midst of a natural disaster, you may find yourself without necessities like...
May 29th, 2023

Sol-Ark 8K Review

Off-grid power solutions have become more and more popular in recent years. Not only are power outages becoming more common throughout the world, but they can also be a great way to save some money...
May 29th, 2023

4Patriots Bugout Solar Lantern Review

If there are two things that pretty much every person doesn’t like, they would be being left in the dark and dealing with pesky insects. If you have a power outage or are on a...
April 29th, 2023

HomePower PRO: Backup Battery Power Station Review

Every day, we all need electricity to power our homes and charge the devices we rely on. Ideally, we can rely on our power suppliers to grant us this electricity, but there are times when...
April 28th, 2023

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro Review

In a perfect world, we all have access to constant, reliable electricity. In reality, even the most developed parts of the world have been subject to power outages and shortages. These can be caused by...
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Batten Down Dialogues — Our podcast on keeping you and your family safe

From the perspective of technology CTO's and Navy SEALs to everyday families, Batten Down Dialogues covers a wide range of security topics that are informative, eye-opening, and applicable to everyone.

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