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Best Storm Door Closer for High Wind

Strong winds are becoming a real problem for Americans everywhere, especially those living in coastal areas where ocean conditions can greatly intensify weather.

Along coastal areas, wind is becoming one of the fastest-growing threats to property and home security. Damages caused by wind are expected to increase from $18.5 billion in 2023 to $19.9 in 2053, with Florida and the mid-Atlantic at greatest risk.

2023 broke a number of weather records, with temperatures soaring and extreme weather events growing in both severity and frequency. This is only expected to continue as time goes on. The question is what can you do to protect your home and family from these increasing wind-related threats?

With simple tools like storm door closers, you can greatly reduce the risk of your doors, and homes in general, suffering potentially catastrophic damage. Let’s take a closer look at storm door closers, how to choose them, and what some of the best ones on the market are.

Key Takeaways

  • Strong winds can cause extreme damage to doors by ripping them open and slamming them shut, but this can be prevented with special mechanisms known as storm door closers.
  • Storm door closers are considered one of the best ways to prevent property damage to doors when high winds occur.
  • Storm doors should be chosen based on factors such as materials, door type and width, and mounting type, among others.
  • The best storm door closers include the Lynn Hardware Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer, the Touch ‘n Hold Smooth – Heavy Duty Door Closer System, and the Lawrence Medium Duty Commercial Automatic Door Closer, and several more.

Understanding the Impact of High Winds on Doors

High winds and doors never mix well, because most average doors just aren’t designed to handle them. If a door doesn’t close properly due to a broken latch, or simply because it was left open, due to its large surface area, it will catch the wind like a sail.

As the wind takes your door and slams it back and forth, it can cause serious damage to the door jamb, the hinges, the door frame, and the glass and other materials in general.

Even worse is that if pieces of door break off during a storm, there is the potential for them to become airborne, which then poses serious safety risks to you and your family, as well as all nearby pedestrians.

No matter the type of door you have, if the wind catches it, something like this is likely to occur, so your best course of action is to use a good storm door closer, a mechanism that will keep your doors secure and shut no matter the wind force pulling or pushing at it.

Essential Features of High Wind-Resistant Door Closers

There are several essential features that any high-quality wind-resistant door closer should come with, so what are these?

Heavy-Duty Construction

A storm door closer not only needs to keep a door from getting damaged due to strong winds but also needs to resist harsh weather conditions itself.

This means that a storm door closer needs to be made of highly durable materials that can resist denting, deforming, and damage due to strong winds and weather.

Something made out of heavy-duty steel, even stainless steel to resist corrosion, is recommended. Aluminum may also be suitable in cases where not quite as much durability is required.

Solid Mounting

Another critical feature of a storm door closer is that it is easy to mount, and more importantly, stays secure once mounted.

Having strong and durable mounting mechanisms and hardware is essential because the storm door closer is only as good as the hardware used to mount it.

Make sure that the mounting components look and feel solid, and that they are designed to be mounted to your specific door and frame.

Hydraulic Functions

The best storm door closers should have hydraulic functions, or in some cases, pneumatic features. Hydraulic door closers use a specialized pressurized fluid chamber that causes the door-closing mechanism to slow down its movement.

This way, when a strong gust of wind hits a door, instead of ripping it open with great force, the door will open very slowly, and the same applies to when it closes. Instead of slamming shut, the hydraulic function allows the door to close slowly and smoothly, thus preventing any major damage from occurring.

Reviewing the Top Door Closers for High Wind Conditions

There are a few high-quality storm door closers available on the market at this time. Let’s take a quick look at each of them to see if there is a suitable option for your needs.

Lynn Hardware Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

The Lynn Hardware Commercial Door Closer, although geared towards commercial doors, is also perfectly suited for residential use. Thanks to the simple surface mounting mechanism, mounting it on any storm door securely should only take a few minutes, and once it is in place, it should be solid.

It features a spring closer to ensure that doors don’t open or close too quickly. It can handle doors up to 330 pounds, thanks to its durable cast-aluminum body, forged steel arm, and heat-treated piston. Not only is it physically durable, but the powder coating allows it to resist corrosion and weather conditions of all sorts.

The spring force on this unit is adjustable, anywhere from 2 to 14 pounds. The size is adjustable as well, fitting doors anywhere between 31 and 60 inches in width, making it one of the more versatile storm door closers on the market at this time. What also stands out is the ability to adjust the closing speed, the latching speed, and the back check.

Lynn Hardware Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

If durability and the ability to resist extreme weather conditions is what you need, then this Lynn Hardware Extra Heavy Duty Door Closer may be suitable for you. What makes it so tough is its US26D satin chrome-plated cast aluminum construction, combined with a wrought steel arm, a heat-treated piston, and a powder-coated body. Whether resistance towards physical damage or the elements, this door closer has them both.

In terms of its closing power, it’s designed to deliver anywhere between 2 and 14 pounds of spring-powered force, which should be enough for most average situations, and the closing force is adjustable. It should be enough to stop doors from violently swinging open and shut during high-wind situations.

It comes with a simple yet secure mounting mechanism that you just have to screw into the door frame and door itself, and yes, it even works on metal doors. Thanks to its adjustable design, it is suitable for doors anywhere between 31 and 60 inches in width. The fact that it features an adjustable back check, latching speed, and closing speed is yet another bonus.

Lynn Hardware Medium Duty Door Closer

Here we have a medium-duty door closer, one that’s designed for weather situations not quite as severe as the units we discussed above. This particular one is suitable for doors that weigh up to 150 pounds. It also features spring-powered closure that can deliver force of at least 5 pounds. This should be ideal for light to medium wind strengths, although it might not be suitable for extreme winds.

It is however quite durable, which is thanks to its US26D satin chrome-plated cast aluminum design, complete with a wrought steel arm and a heat-treated piston, finished with a powder-coated exterior for corrosion resistance. For the reasonable price it comes in at, currently $119.20 plus tax, it’s more durable than we could ever expect.

As for the mounting mechanisms, it’s the same as with the previous two models we looked at, as it comes with the bracket and all of the mounting hardware you need to attach it to any standard or commercial door frame, whether wood, metal, or anything in between. It even comes with three separate valves that allow you to adjust the back check, the latching speed, and the closing speed.

Lawrence Medium Duty Commercial Automatic Door Closer

Here we have another medium-duty commercial automatic door closer, one from the Lawrence brand. This one is suitable for light to medium-duty applications, where you may experience some heavy winds, although nothing too severe. It is designed for doors up to 48 inches in width, weighing up to 125 pounds.

It is best used for offices, commercial buildings, and suite entry doors, although it may also be used for residential purposes. What’s convenient is that it comes with a special assembly and mounting system that allows you to open this door closer over virtually any high-traffic area, as it can handle up to 100 openings per day for a prolonged period.

This is in part thanks to its durable construction, mainly the cast aluminum body combined with the steel arm, high-tensile steel springs, and heat-treated pinions and pistons. It also features a powder-coated finish to ensure great corrosion and overall weather resistance. Another benefit is the automatic back check function, combined with the adjustable closing speed and latching speed. This allows you to customize it for virtually any situation.

Wright Products V150WH Heavy Duty Pneumatic Screen and Storm Door Closer

Last updated on April 12, 2024 1:05 pm

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable, something to keep your screen door closed in light and medium weather conditions, then this storm door closer from Wright Products may be suitable for you.

Unlike the others we’ve looked at so far, which were mostly geared toward commercial purposes, this one is specifically designed for residential use, particularly for storm doors, and for regular residential stores in some cases.

To stop a door from opening and closing too quickly, it features a pneumatic tube that slows down the swinging of the door. It features a fully lubricated spring that stretches out and allows a door to open to a full 90° before pulling it closed at a controlled pace.

Thanks to its aluminum design, it is both lightweight and durable, not to mention extremely easy to install as well. It may not be suitable for use during hurricane season, but it should work perfectly fine for most regular occasions.

Touch ‘n Hold Smooth – Heavy Duty Door Closer System

Last updated on April 12, 2024 1:05 pm

If you need a good door closer for everyday use, then here is a great model to consider. It features extremely simple mounting hardware that attaches to any door frame and storm door with ease. All you need to do is screw it in, and it should stay in place securely.

It is made out of very durable materials, mainly solid metals that should be able to resist physical impacts and strong winds. What stands out about this unit is the ability to adjust how fast the door closes, allowing you to match the closing speed for the weather situation in question.

One of the neatest features is the so-called Touch n’ Hold system, which allows you to use your foot to keep the door from closing the door, so it stays open as needed. You can then use your foot to hit the lever, which will cause the door to close slowly. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Installation Tips for Maximum Wind Resistance

Let’s go over some quick tips to help you make the most out of your storm door closer and to help maximize wind resistance.

Location Matters

On storm door closers, depending on the model, some may need to be installed at the top, center, or bottom of the door. To ensure maximum wind resistance, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of the correct mounting location.

Mount your storm door closer to the wrong spot on the door, and it may not work properly or at all. If mounted improperly, it may not produce the hold that the door needs to prevent wind from pulling it open and slamming it shut.

Improper mounting may also cause damage to the door and frame when strong winds hit, as the storm door closer may rip out of the door and/or door frame. In some cases, this may end up doing more harm than good, and if the closer rips out of the door or frame, it may result in costly repairs.

Double-Check Security

When mounting a door closer, make sure that the brackets and all other components are mounted securely. This means ensuring that all screws are tightened to the point where they can no longer move. Moreover, make sure to use the included hardware, and don’t try to replace it with your own. However, if you need to use longer screws to provide added security, this is a possibility.

Adjust as Needed

To maximize the wind resistance of the storm door closer in question, adjust the opening and closing speed as needed. The vast majority of storm door closers allow you to adjust the opening and closing speed.

This should be adjusted based on two factors, the weight of the door and the expected wind pressure the door is going to face.

You’ll need to increase the opening and closing tension if high winds are expected. The higher the winds are expected to be, the more tension is required to keep the door from opening and closing too quickly.

Maintenance and Care for Long-Term Durability

Here are some quick tips on maintaining your storm door closer to ensure long-term durability.

  • Clean the storm door closer regularly to keep debris and dirt out of the moving parts, which can affect its function.
  • Regularly inspect the door closer to ensure that the screws, brackets, and all other components are free of damage and securely in place.
  • Any moving parts of the storm door closure should be lubricated on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation and proper function.
  • The tension of the spring or the hydraulic system may loosen or tighten over time, which means that regular readjustment may be required.

Selecting the Right Door Closer for Your Needs

When choosing a storm door closer, there are a variety of important factors that you need to keep in mind so that you choose the one that’s best suited for your needs.

Mounting Type

Some storm door closers are designed with standard mounting procedures, some have parallel arms, and some feature top door jamb mounting. Make sure to choose the one that suits your specific door.


Perhaps the most important part is that you choose a storm door closer that is made out of durable materials. After all, they are designed to be used in extreme weather situations, so the units themselves need to be durable.

More often than not, this means that they should be made out of highly durable steel or at least aluminum. High-quality interior components, especially where the pneumatic or spring mechanisms are concerned, are crucial as well.

The Door

You then also need to consider the door itself. Not all storm door closers can handle all sizes and types of doors. You need to use a storm door closer where the power of it matches the size and weight of your door.

If you use a storm door closer that’s far too weak for the size and weight of your door, it might not be very effective. However, if the storm door closer is too strong, you might have trouble opening the door in the first place.

Door Width

As you might have gathered from our reviews, not all storm door closers are designed for doors of all widths. Some are designed for narrow doorways, whereas others can handle extremely wide doors. Therefore, you want to ensure that you get the right size for your door, or else it won’t function properly.

If you still don’t know how to choose the right storm door closer for your needs, we highly recommend going through the storm doors that we’ve reviewed above, and if needed, consult the experts at Battensafe for personalized recommendations and solutions.


Remember that not all storm door closers may be suited to your needs. You need to choose one that matches the size and weight of your door, the expected wind pressure it is going to face, and more.

Choosing a storm door closer that is designed with durability, ease of use, and ease of maintenance is important as well.

Remember that a good storm door closer can help prevent your doors from being broken, and potentially worse. The best way to prevent property damage when high winds happen is to use a storm door closer, and one of the options available at should be perfect for this purpose.

Storm Door Closer for High Wind: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly answer some frequently asked questions about storm door closers for high winds.

How Do You Keep Wind from Blowing a Storm Door Open?

The best way to keep a storm door from blowing open in the wind is by using a storm door closer.

How Do You Stop a Door from Blowing Open in the Wind?

Storm door closers are generally considered the best way to stop a door from blowing open in the wind.

How Do You Slow Down a Storm Door Closer?

Storm door closers usually come with adjustment systems so you can adjust the opening and closing speed.

Why is My Storm Door Closer Not Closing?

Your storm door may not be closing because it is either stuck or because you have the pressure on the storm door closer set far too high.

Protect your property against the relentless force of high winds with a top-quality door closer from Explore our curated selection of solutions and receive expert advice tailored to your unique needs.