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Eufy SmartTrack Link Review


Peer reviewed by Kirk MacDowell
Home Security Expert

There are few things more frustrating than losing something you need when you need it. We’ve all been in a situation where you need to be out the door and can’t find your car or house keys, and it can result in rampaging through your home turning over every object in a mad dash.

Products such as the Eufy SmartTrack Link can help you avoid ever being in this situation again. This handy little tag can help you find your belongings without a fuss, and it has a few other useful features as well.

In this Eufy SmartTrack Link review, we will cover all of these features to show you why you’ll definitely want one of these tags by your side.

Overview Of Eufy SmartTrack Link

On a basic level, the Eufy SmartTrack Link is a tag that you can clip to keys, a mobile device, or anything else you don’t want to misplace. With the tap of a button, the SmartTrack will emit a loud noise that can help you find whatever it’s attached to no matter where it is.

Connecting the tag to the Eufy security app or linking it to Apple Find My gives you even more options for finding your belongings even at a great distance. We will be covering these and more features later on in the review.

Importance Of Smart Tracking Devices For Safety

As we mentioned before, losing something you need can be immensely frustrating. However, it can also be dangerous, and having a device like the SmartTrack Link can help make you safer.

For example, if you connect your SmartTrack Link to Apple Find My, you could locate whatever the tag is attached to anywhere in the world.

This can be helpful if you lose the item or if it is stolen. Sometimes you need your phone or keys in an emergency situation, and you can waste valuable time trying to find them, so having a way to quickly locate them can be a literal lifesaver as well.

Seeing as the SmartTrack Link location can be monitored by authorized friends and family, it could also be used to help find you in case of an emergency.

As we have covered in the past, trackers such as the SmartTrack Link can be excellent for monitoring and protecting vehicles as well.

The Eufy SmartTrack Link represents a significant leap forward in personal security technology. By leveraging smart tracking devices like this, homeowners can enhance the safety of their belongings and, by extension, their home environment. It’s not just about finding lost keys; it’s about creating a comprehensive security ecosystem that protects both the physical and digital aspects of our lives.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert


  • Works With Apple Find My

As we have touched on before, the SmartTrack Link can be connected to Apple’s Find My feature. This feature allows you to link certain devices to the service in order to keep track of them no matter where they may be.

This would mean that you could track whatever the tag is attached to anywhere in the world, which could be really handy in situations such as leaving your smartphone in another country while on vacation.

  • Can Share With Family And Friends

If you link the SmartTrack Link to the Eufy app, you can also share the location of your devices with family and friends. As we mentioned before, this can be very helpful if you need to be located in an emergency situation.

  • 1 Year Battery Life

Battery life is always a concern when it comes to electronics, as you don’t want to find out the battery is dead when you really need it. The one-year battery life means you won’t have to constantly worry about the battery running out.

  • Water Resistant

No matter how careful we are with our electronics, they can still come into contact with water and other unfavorable elements. Luckily, the SmartTrack Link has a water-resistant coating which means it will be safe even if left in the rain.

  • Built In Keyhole

The SmartTrack Link has a keyhole built into the design so that you can easily add it to your car or house keys. It would also allow you to attach it to luggage, electronics, and anything else you wish to keep track of.

  • Eufy Security App Additional Features

We’ve covered the benefits of Apple’s Find My feature, but users without Apple products can still benefit from the Eufy Security app. This security app is useful for connecting the Eufy family of security products, and the SmartTrack is no exception.

Using the app, you will be able to monitor the device while also sharing details with friends and family. However, it should be noted that the tracking capabilities if only using the Eufy security app won’t be as precise or up to date as the Apple Find My feature, and this method is at its best when used locally.

  • Comparison To Other Smart Tracking Devices

In this video by it’sMaxDigital, he compares the SmartTrack Link to two other similar products: the Apple Airtag and Chipolo tags. In his video, he shows that the SmartTrack Link is a great option in terms of price and features.

He highlights that the Apple option does provide more accurate tracking, but otherwise found the SmarTrack Link to be just as good at a much lower price. Unlike the Airtag, you also don’t need any additional products to connect the SmartTrack Link to your keyring.


The device has a simple, square design with a muted black color scheme. This means it won’t attract a lot of attention and won’t take up much space in a purse, bag, or pocket.

Installation And Setup

Whether you are setting up the SmartTrack Link with Apple’s Find My service or the proprietary Eufy security app, linking the tag is simple thanks to its Bluetooth connection capabilities.

Simply scan for the tag using either service and then you will be guided through the setup process for linking the tag.

Compatibility With Eufy Security App

As we have touched on previously, the SmartTrack Link is compatible with Eufy’s security app, which can also be connected to many other security apps. Because of this parity, set up with the app should be quick and easy.


User reviews on the Eufy product page have been largely positive, with users generally happy with the features of the product. However, some customers did point out that the SmartTrack is best used with Apple devices. The Find My feature allows for more accurate, up-to-date tracking, whereas Android users will have much less extensive tracking.

This is one area where the Apple Airtag also has an edge over the SmartTrack, but it should be more than sufficient for anyone wanting to keep track of their belongings. The price point makes it a really attractive option as well, as you’re getting great quality at an affordable price.

Pros And Cons

We have covered a few positives and negatives throughout this review, and we will sum them up now. In terms of positives, we have seen that the SmartTrack Link has excellent parity with both Apple Find My and the Eufy security app.

It can be used to find objects both in the home or if they have been lost elsewhere, and the alarm feature means that you will be able to hear it easily.

The built-in keyhole means you won’t need to attach any additional products as well.

In terms of negatives, the features are a bit more limited if you’re using it with an Android device. If the tag will be carried around in your pocket, the alarm button can sometimes accidentally be pressed as well.


How Do Eufy SmartTrack Links Work?

The tag will be attached to whatever you wish to keep track of, and can then be linked to the Eufy and Apple Find My apps via Bluetooth.

How Far Can Eufy SmartTrack Link Track?

If you are using the Find My feature, the tag can be tracked worldwide. If you’re not using Find My, the tag has a range of up to 260 feet.

Is Eufy SmartTrack Link Waterproof?

The tag has water resistant coating, meaning it can still function if it gets wet, but it should not be submerged in water.

Does Eufy SmartTrack Link Come With A Warranty?

The Eufy SmartTrack Link does come included with a warranty.

Does The Eufy SmartTrack Link Work Without Wifi?

Basic features of the tag can be used locally without Wifi, but you will need an internet connection for anything relating to the apps it can connect to.

Are Eufy SmartTrack Links Good For Dogs?

The SmartTrack Link doesn’t provide live tracking, so it would not be ideal for tracking the whereabouts of your dog as it will likely be moving around a lot.

In the past, we have looked at the features you would want for a tracker for your dog, and while the SmartTrack Link has many of them, it lacks the GPS capabilities you would want for such a tracker.

Conclusion And Where To Buy

As we have seen in this review, the Eufy SmartTrack Link provides an excellent way to keep track of your belongings and devices. The tracking may be a bit more basic compared to some competitors, but for the price point, you are still getting loads of useful features that should be more than enough for most users.

If you would like to grab your own SmartTrack Link, you can find them on Eufy’s website or on Amazon. No matter which you choose, the price will be $19.99, which we feel is excellent value for money.