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Ring 2 vs Ring Pro | Which Is Best for You?

Ring stands out among the key industry players when it comes to home video doorbells. The leading manufacturer offers a wide range of home security solutions to provide insight into who’s standing on your doorstep and what they’re doing. Better yet, the smart home solutions allow you to communicate with these visitors without leaving the comfort of your couch. In this comprehensive comparison of two of the best Ring products available, Ring 2 vs Ring Pro, we will be weighing the pros and cons of each system to provide you with all the knowledge you need to choose between the two. These smart doorbells set themselves apart with their excellent image quality, ease of installation, and ability to work with different door types and address varying needs.


The Video Doorbell Pro from Ring is a sleek doorbell that offers a remote, real-time view of the person standing at your door. You’ll also get to know who passed by while you were on your weekend vacay. Thanks to the doorbell camera’s pre-buffering, you’ll always know what’s happening on your door.

Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 is a feature-rich, Wi-Fi-connected security camera and doorbell that doesn’t require messing with your home wiring. The appliance is battery-powered and offers two-way audio.

Both products use the Ring Video Doorbell concept. If a person gets to your door and rings the bell, it will transmit a signal to your Wi-Fi network and then to Ring’s servers to notify you via your ring app. If you accept the call, you’ll be linked to a live video stream for two-way communication, whether you’re in the kitchen or at a public park in a different state. You can clearly see the person, but they can’t see you.

Despite having different product-specific features, the two doorbell cameras share several similarities. For instance, both have cloud storage, artificial intelligence, night vision, two-way audio, fields of view, and smart platform integrations. They can be controlled and viewed via the Ring – Always Home mobile and tablet app.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Video Doorbell 2 also differ in many ways other than billing. For instance, the Pro version is more discreet, runs on a rechargeable battery, and offers a wider vertical field view. On the other hand, Ring doorbell 2 uses battery power capacity and has a broader detection angle. 

This comprehensive article highlights the most crucial elements of the two video doorbell varieties. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of either product to make an informed decision.  

Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro – Models and Equipment

The best video doorbell will always come from Ring. Besides their excellent features, the products also come boxed with additional appliances to simplify your installation and maintenance work.

Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro comes with a drill bit, optional connectors and wiring, and four faceplates that can be interchanged. You’ll also get installation screws and anchors, the Pro Power Kit, a screwdriver, and a quick installation and setup guide.

On the other hand, the Video Doorbell 2 Package from Ring includes all the necessary items for installation and other operations.

You’ll find the user manual, corner wedge, miniature level, Retrofit Kit plate, and drill bit for the anchors. The box also includes a micro USB charging cable mount wedge, screw anchors, screwdriver handle and screws, wire extensions, wire nuts, two-sized screwdriver bit, and a pair of interchangeable faceplates.

Ring 2 Vs. Ring Pro – Monitoring 

Both Ring 2 and Pro allow you to monitor your home regardless of your current location. You can view the live stream via your mobile device and receive video doorbell ring notifications when someone’s at your doorstep. The Alexa-enabled smart home devices facilitate hands-free, professional home monitoring around the clock.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a more flexible motion detection capability than its Ring 2 counterpart. Instead of the pre-defined zoning, this version allows you to specify the specific areas you’d like to monitor and get motion alerts. 

Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro – Pricing & Contracts

The minimum market price for a standard DIY doorbell camera can be as low as $150. Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 is available at $169.99, and you can take up to a year to pay with no lateness penalties or interest. On the other hand, Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro’s retail price is $249.99, which you can also pay within 12 months.

Both products have cloud storage plans where you can pay as low as $3 per month. The Plus Protect Plan will cost you $10 every month for plenty of smart home security features.

Overall, Ring Video Doorbell 2 takes the crown when it comes to affordability. Despite costing lower than Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro, the product still offers smart security features and capabilities.

Ring 2 Vs. Ring Pro – Features

Both Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro are packed with unique smart security features. For instance, you’ll find HD video quality, live video, two-way audio, and noise cancellation. Both offer local, and cloud storage for up to 60 days, and use the Ring – Always Home mobile app.

Ring Pro offers 1080p HD video, which also features color night vision. This video doorbell has built-in Alexa greetings, two-way talk, and quick replies. It lets you watch video previews and use advanced motion settings. What’s more, it offers customization motion zones to help you choose the vital alerts. Ring Video Doorbell Pro has continuous power and leverages dual-band Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity.

The video doorbell measures 4.5 by 1.8 by 0.8 inches. It’s relatively slimmer, and one would think it’s a traditional doorbell. You can choose between four interchangeable faceplates to match your home’s interior. It also has a Pro Power kit which you’ll connect to your Ring chime box.

On the other hand, Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro 2 lets you view the complete picture in 1536p HD head-to-toe video. It’s battery-powered, and you can also pinpoint movement thanks to its customizable 3D motion detection. Alexa can receive deliveries and speak to your guests when you can’t attend to them.

The doorbell’s dimensions are 5.0 by 2.5 by 1.0 inches. The upper section has the camera in a glossy black enclosure, while the lower section comprises a removable faceplate and a distinct backlit ring button. The battery life goes up to 12 months. Ring 2 takes the cake in features, and that’s why it’s costlier than its Pro version.

Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro – Installation and Usability 

Generally, ring doorbells are easy to install, and you may not require a professional installation technician to do the job. According to the manufacturer, installing the Video Doorbell 2 will take you less than five minutes. Both devices use your home’s traditional doorbell setup.

Ring Pro has to be hardwired to the existing doorbell, hence relatively harder to install. The system requires 16 volts of power, so you may have to upgrade the unit’s transformer to use this smart solution. The device box includes a Pro Power kit that you must install in the chime box.

Fortunately, both have the appropriate installation tools, mounting kits, and screws to keep the setup sturdy. You can also contact a reliable agency for Professional installation if you experience any challenges. 

Video and Audio Quality

These two video doorbells come with excellent audio and video capabilities. Some of the standard features include two-way audio, snapshot capture, video saving for up to 30 days, and any other capacity to boost your home safety.

Ring 2 has several functionalities that make it the ideal video doorbell. It uses offers a wider field of view, and there’s no place for an intruder to hide. You can talk to the person at our door using the two-way HD audio feature. You can also view a high-definition head-to-toe video, and the first-of-its-kind DD motion detection makes the view even more comprehensive.

Ring’s doorbell Pro offers colored, high-definition 1080p video, and you’ll quickly recognize faces. The two-way audio and live view features allow you to see and talk to your visitors before opening the door. Even if you’re not around, you can easily scare away the thieves. The device also has night vision to catch intruders skulking around in the darkness.

Who Are Ring 2 Doorbells Best for? 

Ring Video Doorbell is a feature-rich product with lots of incredible capabilities. There’s no need for hardwiring with this device. This makes it ideal for those who, for any reason, can’t do the wiring job. For instance, if the home is rented or you don’t want anything to do with wiring, this should be the right solution.  

Who Are Ring Pro Doorbells Best for? 

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro requires some wiring with your existing doorbell. Despite the slightly more complex installation process, there are many benefits and features that you can benefit from. If wiring is not your thing, or your residence doesn’t permit such adjustments, you can opt for its Ring 2 counterpart.

The Bottom Line

Both Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro are excellent smart security appliances for your futuristic home. Each has its unique features and attributes.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a slender design and delivers sharp, high-definition video quality. It also supports Alexa and IFTTT voice commands. However, it’s more expensive, and you’ll have to pay more to get the recorded audio. It requires hard wiring, so don’t go for it if your situation doesn’t permit writing.

On the other hand, Ring Video Doorbell is easy to install and uses the wired or battery-powered operation. Its high-definition video lets you view your visitor from head to toe. However, it’s bulkier, and you’ll have to pay to view the recorded video. It also lacks pre-buffered recording. If you need a smart doorbell and don’t want to deal with wiring, this should be your pick. 

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