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Best Alarm System for Outdoor Shed

A shed is a versatile structure that can be used for many different things. Some people may store vehicles and tools in their shed, while others may use them as a place to pursue their hobbies and perform repairs. No matter what you use your shed for, it’s fair to say you probably don’t want anyone breaking into it.

Your shed likely contains at least a few valuables, and thieves will often target sheds due to their lack of security compared to the rest of your property. Having an alarm system for your shed is always a good idea, and in this review, we will show you some of the best shed alarm systems you can buy.

We will be covering the main features and benefits of each system so that you can decide which would suit your specific needs the best.

Why Use A Shed Security System?

As mentioned earlier, sheds can be used for many different things, but there are sure to be at least one or two valuable items stored in the average shed. Sheds usually don’t have locks and doors that are as robust as other areas in the house, so a thief may see a shed as an easy payday.

We have previously looked at some ways to improve your home security in general, but it’s important not to forget outdoor areas such as sheds and garages.

Sheds are also usually separate from the property, so if theft occurs you may not even realize it until the next time you visit it. A shed security system can fix all that and make sure you’re aware of any breaches and can act accordingly.

If you have a car or other vehicle stored outside the shed, then you can check out this overview of some of the best car alarm systems to bolster your security.

Securing outdoor sheds is often an overlooked aspect of home security, yet these structures frequently house valuable tools, equipment, and sometimes even vehicles. The right alarm system can act as a critical line of defense, deterring potential thieves and alerting homeowners to unauthorized access. It’s not just about protecting possessions; it’s about extending the security perimeter of your home to include all valuable assets.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

Benefits Of Shed Alarms

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a shed alarm is peace of mind. You can go to bed each night safe in the knowledge that if anything happens to your shed in the evening you will know about it. When a person breaks into a shed, even if you do hear the commotion you could put yourself at risk by checking it out.

A shed alarm will alert you to the break-in without you having to expose yourself to danger. You could call the police or other emergency services without even having to leave your bed if you wanted to!

For even more security options to complement your chosen system or cover other areas of your home, check out this list of curated security products that we have recommended in the past.

What To Consider When Choosing An All-Weather Alarm System

Type Of Sensor Needed

Shed alarm systems will have different kinds of sensors, and you can decide which ones will suit you best. Some detect movement and opening doors, while others can detect smoke and other hazards that need to be dealt with.

Wireless Or Wired Alarm System

Wired and wireless systems each have their pros and cons. Wired systems never need to be charged, but they may be useless during a power outage. Wireless systems do need to be recharged or have their batteries changed, but you don’t have to worry about being vulnerable during an outage.

If you can find a combination of the two then that’s the best solution, but otherwise, you should decide which option suits your situation the best.

Location And Size Of The Shed

The location and the size of your shed are both important factors to consider. For example, if the shed is quite far from the main house then an audible alarm may not be ideal. If it’s large, then you need to consider how many sensors you would need to cover all areas of the shed.


The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is an apt one, but most of us don’t have unlimited budgets for a security system. That’s why it’s a good idea to find systems that are a good mix between a good price and decent quality that fits into your budget.

What Sort Of Alert Is Best For Your Shed Alarm?


Some alarms will have a regular siren that will go off during an alert. These have their benefits, as you will likely hear it even if you’re sleeping, and the loud sound may deter thieves as well.

However, if your shed is far from the main house then you may not hear it going off, which defeats the purpose

Phone/Text Message

The alternative to a regular alarm is to get a phone or text message when an alert is triggered. Again, this method has its own benefits and drawbacks. One benefit is how convenient it is, as you can get an alert no matter where you are and can react accordingly.

This is handy if you travel or leave the house often. This kind of alert won’t scare intruders, however, and you may not see the alert if your phone is on silent or not on your person.

Frontpoint (Build Your Own)


Frontpoint Home Security System | Safehouse Package - 6 Piece Security Kit Includes Doorbell Camera | 24/7 Professional Monitoring | Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant

as of June 15, 2024 8:14 am

Sheds come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and distances from the main home, so finding the ideal setup can be tricky. The Frontpoint Security DIY bundle solves this issue, as you will be able to choose the elements that you need the most. The bundle starts with the Frontpoint Hub and keypad, and from there you can choose your own extras.

These can range from sensors to cameras. These sensors include motion detectors, broken glass detectors, and others. This is a great option for customization, but if this is too much to choose from then Frontpoint has other pre-made bundles you can consider as well.

Abode Smart Security Kit


Abode 4 Piece Wireless Security System Starter Kit – Expandable to Protect Your Whole Home - Easy DIY Installation - Optional Professional Monitoring - Works with HomeKit, Alexa & Google Home

as of June 15, 2024 8:14 am

The next system we will look at is the Abode Smart Security Kit. This is another system designed to be customizable so that you can include all of the elements most useful for your situation.

The basic set comes with the Gateway hub which can have up to 160 devices connected to it. It will also come with a mini door/window sensor and a key fob for deactivating and activating the system remotely.

With this basic set, you can also add additional sensors, cameras, or any other of Abode’s impressive selection of security devices.

Arlo Floodlight & Security System Bundle

For a more complete bundle right out of the box, you have the Arlo floodlight and security system bundle. This bundle has three main components. The first is the home security system keypad that comes with Arlo’s popular all-in-one sensors.


Arlo Security System - 1 Keypad Hub & 2 sensors

 out of stock
as of June 11, 2024 9:19 pm

Introducing the Arlo Home Security System - a versatile, customizable, and comprehensive smart home security system that's easy to set up and requires no contracts. With 24/7 professional monitoring enjoy award-winning protection for your entire home.Build your own personalized Home Security...

These sensors are multi-faceted, as they can detect anything from movement to smoke and many other hazards. You can check out everything these sensors offer on this page.

Next, you will get the cellular battery backup to keep your system online even if there is a power or wifi outage. Finally, you will also get the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera.


Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Black

 out of stock
as of June 11, 2024 9:19 pm

Upgrade your existing outdoor floodlight with a powerful 2K security camera built right into this bright LED floodlight for all-in-one security. Protect alleyways, driveways, and other expansive areas with the convenience of a wire-free floodlight.

With all of these implements, you will be a lot more secure, and more devices can also be added if need be.

ADT Outdoor Siren (8 pc)

ADT 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System - DIY Installation - Optional Professional Monitoring - No Contract - Compatible with Google Assistant & Alexa - Graphite

as of June 15, 2024 8:14 am

For another more complete bundle, we have the ADT Outdoor Siren 8-piece set. In this set, you will receive a smart home hub, 3 door, and window sensors, 1 motion detector, and a yard sign to deter potential intruders.

This is a great starter kit that should cover most small to mid-sized sheds.


Ring (8pc Alarm Set)

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa

as of June 15, 2024 8:14 am

If you already use Alexa products in your home, then the Ring 8-piece set should fit right in. This set is designed for 1-2 bedroom homes, so it would be an ideal fit for mid-size to large sheds.

There are a few motion detectors and a keypad base included in this set, so you have comprehensive monitoring.

It should be noted that an extra paid subscription is needed to access all features of this system, however, so that may be something you need to budget for.


Kerui Standalone Alarm Set

KERUI Upgraded Standalone Home Office Shop Security Alarm System Kit,Wireless Loud Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Siren Horn with Remote Control and Door Contact Sensor,Motion Sensor,Up to 115db

as of June 15, 2024 8:14 am

For people wanting an alarm sensor, the Kerui standalone alarm set would be the perfect fit. This kit comes with a weatherproof, loud alarm that can be connected to various sensors. This would be perfect for people who may not have their smartphones on them at all times and therefore may miss phone alerts.

However, this would not be an ideal system for people whose sheds are far away from the main house, making the alarm hard to hear.


SKK (9pc) Alarm Set

SKK Home Security System (2nd Gen), 9-Piece Wireless Alarm System Kit, Compatible with Alexa, DIY No Monthly Fee, for House Apartment Office

as of June 15, 2024 8:14 am

Finally, we have another comprehensive sensor set with the SKK alarm set bundle. This set comes with an impressive range of sensors and devices. These include 1 base station, 2 remotes, 1 motion sensor, and 5 entry sensors. More sensors and devices can also be added to this system if you have a really large shed or want to cover other areas.

This system also has a combination of loud alarms and phone alerts so that you will never miss out on an alert.


How To Install Outdoor Alarm System For Sheds

When it comes to installing your alarm system, there will be different methods for each one. When you receive your system, you should always consult any included instructions or procedures included.

Ideally, you should cover any places where someone could enter the shed such as doors and windows, and make sure there are no gaps in the armor, so to speak.

Cost Of Installation And Maintenance

Most of the systems we looked at in this guide can be easily installed by you without the need for professionals or expensive tools. If you do run into trouble, you can either contact the makers of your system or hire an electrician to help you set it up.

Maintenance should be easy for most systems, but bear in mind that any devices that will be exposed to the elements may need additional cleaning and checks.

For a more comprehensive and in depth look at how to install your system, check out this helpful video on the subject.

Maintenance Tips Outdoor Shed Alarms

Most shed alarm systems shouldn’t need too much in the way of maintenance, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. As we mentioned, any devices outdoors should be checked for damage regularly.

Any devices that rely on a battery should also be regularly checked to see if the batteries need charging or replacing. It couldn’t hurt to perform occasional checks by opening the door and windows to test if the sensors are working as they should be.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen in this review, there are many outdoor shed alarms to choose from. When it comes down to which one is best for you, it all comes down to personal preferences and situations. We would recommend carefully going over each product and keeping your particular shed in mind when choosing.

Whichever one you go for, we are confident that your shed will be a lot safer, and we hope that the alarm you choose will give you more peace of mind for years to come!