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Best Security System For Townhouse

Townhouses have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a good deal of affordability and safety. While they are generally safer, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to break-ins and other safety breaches.

Having a security system in place can make break-ins much less likely and can help you deal with them when they do happen. But which one is the best home security system for townhouse safety?

In this overview, we will go over some of the best security systems for townhouses to help you decide what the answer to that question is for you.

Quick View – Best Security System For Townhouse

In this overview, we will be going over the 5 following top security systems for townhouses in more detail. We will cover features, benefits, and a few downsides to help you determine which one is right for you.

  1. Abode: All-In-One Security Kit
  2. Frontpoint: The Home Shield
  3. Eufy: 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit
  4. Arlo: Home Security Kit
  5. SimpliSafe: 9-Piece Wireless System

What Features To Look For In A Home Security System?

Security systems come with all sorts of fancy features, but which ones are actually necessary? These can vary from person to person, but there are a few general features you should always consider.

For example, you want to have robust safety features. That may sound obvious, but what we mean is that you don’t want someone hacking into your camera and using it against you.

Good encryption and security protocols are a must for any security system. Many security systems have app parity that lets you monitor them remotely, and it’s a really useful feature to have.

Every good system should have a good alert system as well. If the system can alert you or the authorities when there is an issue then that allows you to act accordingly.

You also need to consider whether wired or wireless is better for you. For example, a wireless system may be better for you if you have frequent power outages, for example.

This is a very general overview of necessary features, but we will go through more specific ones throughout the article. For more discussion on this matter, we have previously looked at 3 things to consider for a home security setup.

Benefits Of Having A Home Security System For Your Townhouse

Nowhere is completely safe from break-ins and other intrusions, as much as we would like to think they are. Having a home security system has a few benefits that can help make you safer.

For starters, they can alert you to break-ins as they happen, allowing you to act fast. They can also help you to monitor your property even from out of town.

If a break-in does happen and you don’t manage to stop it, then you can use footage and info from your security system for insurance purposes or even to identify the people who broke in.

Hopefully, it doesn’t get to that point, but with a home security system, you will have much more peace of mind, knowing you have a bit more control over your safety.

1) Abode: All-In-One Security Kit — Our Pick Best Overall

Abode is one of the top names in security, and the Abode All-In-One Security Kit is our top pick for the best overall security system. We have even covered some of the benefits of Abode in the past, so you can read that for more information.

Let’s see why we chose it as we look at some key features of this system.

Key Features

24/7 Video Recording

The camera portion of the security kit is always recording 24/7. Not only can this help you detect intruders, but it also saves up to 10 days of footage that you can review.

1080 HD Camera

All that surveillance is useless if you can’t make anything out. That’s why the camera has a crisp 1080p HD resolution so you will be able to make out faces or things that are stolen.

Easy To Install

When setting up a security system, you always want it to be as easy as possible. No one wants to spend hours poring over a tome of instructions or hiring someone to come and install your system.

This system has been designed with ease in mind so that you can quickly and easily set it up.

AES256 Bit Encryption

Encryption is really important whenever you have a camera feed involved, as without it hackers can hack in and use your own camera against you. The AES256 Bit Encryption will make it very difficult to hack into your security system, keeping you even safer.

Two-Way Voice Communication

Some security systems will have one-way voice communication or no voice communication at all. This system has two-way communication, which has a few benefits.

You will be able to hear what is going on, and you will be able to project your voice, letting an intruder know they are being watched. Sometimes, this can scare intruders so much that it will be enough to make them leave.

Works With Homekit, Alexa, and Google

This system can connect to and is compatible with services like Homekit, Alexa, and Google. It’s a great feature to have, as it means that the system can fit right into your home smart ecosystem that all work together.

1 Year Warranty

Finally, Adobe features a generous 1-year warranty that you can take advantage of if you run into any problems with the product.


The system comes with three main components. There is the central hub controlling it all which also has the camera attached. Then, you will have a fob you can attach to your keyring so that you can arm and disarm the system.

Finally, you have sensors that can be placed near windows and other points of entry that will go off when breached.

Monitoring Options

You have two monitoring options when it comes to this system. These are self-monitoring and Pro-monitoring.

Self-monitoring allows you to receive updates, monitor your live feed and have more control over your system.

Pro monitoring offers a few more benefits if you choose to subscribe to it. First of all, it’s very affordable at 66c a day. The first feature will include active contacts and alerts in case of an emergency.

The Pro system will also allow your system to function if your wifi or power goes down, so that’s worth considering if you have frequent power or service outages.

Finally, having the Pro-monitoring will make you eligible for insurance discounts.

Pros And Cons

As we have seen, the Abode All-In-One System has many great benefits. It has recording and sensors for your windows. Unlike many other security systems, it also doesn’t require an expensive subscription for full functionality.

If we had to pick a downside, it would be that you may need to buy additional sensors to protect more points of entry for your home.

2) Frontpoint: The Home Shield – Best Motion Sensor System

Frontpoint is another top name in home security, and the Frontpoint Home Shield is another system we highly recommend. We chose this one for its excellent motion-sensing capabilities, as well as some other great features.

We have previously compared Frontpoint to Abode, so you can check that out if you want a better idea of which service is better for you.

This video by Frontpoint further shows some of the features and design philosophies they offer.

Let’s take a look at what this particular system has to offer.

Key Features

24/7 Video Recording

Like the previous system, this one offers constant 24/7 video recording capabilities.

Flood, Smoke And Heat Sensors

A major feature this system has that the previous one didn’t is that it can detect more than just burglaries. The system can detect elements from natural disasters such as flood water, smoke and heat from fires.

This makes you safer not only from potential thieves but also disasters that may strike unexpectedly.

Door and Window Sensors

While the previous system had sensors for windows, this one features an additional door sensor for further safety.

Video Analytics

This system has advanced video analytics to tell whether it is detecting a human, animal, or a vehicle, making false alarms less likely.

Smart Motion Sensors

Having a pet set off an alarm can be a real pain, as you will get quite a fright for no reason and maybe even call the cops who won’t be pleased to see that your cat Mittens was the intruder all along.

That’s why the motion sensors will not activate if it detects a pet under 40lbs so there will be fewer false alarms.


The Adobe all-in-one security system comes with many different components. These include a central hub with a keypad, 3 door/window sensors, a camera, several sensors for flood and fire detection plus stickers and signs you can use to show people your home is protected.

Monitoring Options

If you want to get the most out of your security system, you’ll want to pair it with the  Professional Monitoring plan. This will ensure you have a trained security team on hand to react to alerts and send out emergency personnel if needed.

At around $50 a month, it’s an extra expense but worth it for more peace of mind.

Pros And Cons

This system shares many benefits with the Adobe system, but it’s got way more comprehensive motion-detecting capabilities for more advanced security and fewer false alarms.

The main drawback is it does require a paid subscription to access all benefits and get all features.

3) Eufy: 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit— Best No Monthly Fee System

The Eufy 5 Piece Home Alarm Kit is our next pick for a great alarm system for townhouse security. As we’ve mentioned before, many security systems require an additional paid subscription for full functionality.

No one likes having yet another bill every month, but the Eufy system has been designed to be a one-off purchase, making it great for a cost-effective system that also has some amazing features.

Eufy also created this helpful video overview that you can watch, which we definitely recommend.

Key Features

Easy Setup

This system is again super easy to set up and install. You will have all the sensors attached and connected in minutes with no expertise needed.

Instant Alerts

When connected to the Eufy Security App, you will get instant alerts as soon as there is any breach detected. This means you will know of any potential break-ins and can act accordingly.

No Monthly Fees

As we touched on earlier, the system doesn’t require a paid subscription to make use of it. While paid subscriptions can be a worthwhile investment, it’s always nice to not have another bill to add to the pile.

Having no subscription needed is quite rare with security systems, so it definitely helps to set it apart.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Earlier, we spoke about how it can be quite annoying when pets set off an alarm. That’s why you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors so that they won’t detect any pets just going about their day.

Motion Detection: 100° Coverage At Up To 30 Feet

The motion detection has a wide range of coverage at 100° and up to 30 feet. This means that a wider area will be monitored. That makes it a lot less likely that even the sneakiest thieves will get past the detection.


The system is comprised mainly of sensors. You will get a motion sensor and two entry sensors with the 5 piece kit. You will also get a Homebase and a keypad for controlling the system.

Monitoring Options

You will have full control over when the motion sensors are active, and this will be controlled by linking the system to the Eufy app.

Pros And Cons

This system has an impressive set of motion-sensing capabilities with some impressive features. Not requiring a paid subscription is also a huge benefit for those looking for security on a budget.

It’s not as comprehensive as the other systems, however. You will need to purchase a separate camera if you want visual monitoring for your home as well.

4) Arlo: Home Security Kit — Best Simple Security System

The Arlo Home Security Kit is next up on our list for you to consider. We chose this one for its simplicity and ease of use along with its impressive features. Some of them are featured in this short video created by Arlo.

We shall go over some of these features in more detail now.

Key Features

All-In-One Sensor With 8 Detecting Functions

This system protects you from not only human intruders but many other potential problems as well. These come in 8 detecting functions which are as follows:

  • Motion detecting for inside your home, useful for break-ins.
  • Tilt detection alerts you if windows or doors are opened.
  • Light detection to tell if there are unexpected lights turned on or off in your home.
  • Open and close detection for doors and windows
  • Smoke alarm for fire detection.
  • Water leak detection
  • Temperature detection to prevent frozen pipes
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm.

Easy To Install With No Hard Wiring

This system is also quick and easy to install, needing no hardwiring or extra tools.

One App To Monitor Your Whole Home

It’s easy to keep track of all the detecting functionalities of the system with just one app to rule them all. Connecting to the Arlo app will allow you to control and monitor all functions.

No Contracts- Cancel Any Time

While a subscription will be needed for full functionality, you won’t be committed and can cancel if you need to.

One Tap Emergency Response

With just the push of a button, you can immediately alert the police or other emergency personnel in an emergency.

24/7 Professional Monitoring.

If you are subscribed to the security service, you will have professional security teams ready to view any alerts and alert you and the proper authorities.

Free Trial

The paid plan comes in at around $25 per month, but you will get to try out a free trial to see if it’s right for you.


The kit comes with a keypad hub and two sensors that you can set with those 8 features we mentioned previously. Additional sensors can also be added.

Monitoring Options

Professional monitoring is Arlo’s paid subscription service, and it is required for full functionality. With it, you will get the benefit of live security monitoring and alerts to the authorities if emergencies are detected.

It will also keep your system online if there is a power or wifi outage.

Pros And Cons

With this system, we are most impressed with how many detection functions it is capable of. It would be perfect for anyone wanting to protect themselves from not only break-ins but also damage from the elements.

As for the downsides, it’s unfortunate that a camera will have to be bought separately. Also, while we think the subscription service is worth it, it is an extra cost that needs to be considered.

5) SimpliSafe: 9 Piece Wireless System — Best Customizable Security System

Our final security system is the SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless system. SimpliSafe is a well-known and trusted name in home security, and we will go over some of the top features of the system now.

We compared SimpliSafe to a top competitor in this review, so it’s well worth reading if you want to learn more about the company.

You can also watch this video overview created by SimpliSafe for more information.

Key Features

Keep Watch 24/7

If you’re subscribed to SimpliSafe’s optional service, you will have professional 24/7 monitoring for security breaches and other emergencies. They can then dispatch the police, firefighters, or medical personnel if needed.

Smarthome Compatible (Alexa + Google)

You may already have Smarthome functions in your home, so it’s a great benefit that this system can be connected directly to Alexa or Google, making it fit nicely into your home ecosystem.

1 Month Free Monitoriing

SimpliSafe offers a 1-month free trial for their monitoring system, allowing you to experience all it has to offer.

24-Hour Backup Battery Life

The system is backed up by a battery system that will allow it to function for up to 24 hours in case of a power outage.

No Contract

You won’t have to commit to a lengthy contract if you sign up for the subscription. That means you can cancel at any time if you need to.


The system comes with several different pieces that contribute to security. First, you have a base station with an alarm built in. You also have a keypad for arming and disarming. An indoor camera will allow you to monitor your home as well. Finally, two motion sensors and four entry sensors round up the system.

Monitoring Options

To really get the most out of your system, you’ll want to be signed up to SimpliSafe’s Professional monitoring. The subscription starts at $17.99 per month, and they have different packages available that can be viewed here.

Pros And Cons

The SimpliSafe security system allows for comprehensive security and constant monitoring. You can also hook up more sensors to it to have even more control over your security.

However, it shares the common downside of needing a paid subscription to get full use of the features.


Should I get a kit or build my own system?

This depends on your own home and security needs. Many kits will be okay for smaller homes, but if you need something more comprehensive then you should look into adding to the basic kits.

Can I self-monitor my home alarm system?

This can vary from product to product, but most will allow you to have control over monitoring your home through sensors and cameras. This article we created goes into more detail on how you can self-monitor your home.

Is professional security monitoring worth it?

This is another question where the answer will depend on the individual. Professional monitoring will be great for people who want to have more peace of mind and greater control over potential incidents.

Others may not need that much protection, making it unnecessary. To help you decide, we have another helpful article on the subject that we highly recommend checking out.

How much should a home security system cost?

There are systems to fit all budgets, and different companies will differ. More extensive systems will generally cost more, so you can decide what your budget is and how much you’re willing to spend.

How much should a home security system cost per month?

Once again, this will vary from case to case. Some systems have no monthly cost, while others could have a fee that can vary wildly. It’s best to confirm if a subscription fee can fit into your budget before committing.

Are home security systems tax deductible?

This is something that can vary widely depending on the circumstances. You’ll want to check with the customer service of your chosen system to determine if you would qualify for a deduction.

Does A Security System Add Value To A Home?

Unless it’s a permanently installed system, it will not add value to your home.


We hope that this overview of 5 security systems was helpful in giving you some options for securing your townhouse. Our goal was to provide a decent range of functions that different people would find useful.

You can’t go wrong with any of these systems, but we’re sure some may catch your eye more than others depending on your specific needs.

Whatever you choose, you will be one step closer to keeping your home and family safe from all manner of incidents.

Here are all the best security systems for townhouses, sorted by price: